The American Nutcracker

Although the topics author N.O. Slak chooses to write about contain humor, satire and true personal stories, The American Nutcracker is intended for those who share his opinions, yet are hesitant to convey their message for fear of being politically incorrect.

Differences of opinion are encouraged in the United States and are even considered healthy by some. Slak offers his interesting viewpoint on everything from the workplace and grocery shopping to celebrities and award shows. Here are some examples:

Self-proclaimed environmentalists tend to do a lot of whining, but there’s not much going on as far as action.

You think the State of the Union Address is long and boring? Think again. Only at award shows can you hear the most long-winded, revolting and obnoxious speeches.

Slak is in no way bashful in his self-elected job of speaking for the silent majority. If you can’t handle the truth, coupled with a little sarcasm and satire, then go ahead and put The American Nutcracker down and slowly back away.

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Rebel Asylum

Rebel Asylum

I started working at the age of fourteen. It’s not that I planned it that way, because working was the furthest thing from my mind. Like any child, I simply wanted to play with my friends and watch TV. However, my father insisted that I get a job so I would not become a family embarrassment. I delivered newspapers, delivered hay to the rich and snobbish and even worked at a gas station. I had approximately eight different jobs by the time I was twenty.

However, I was always determined. I always worked extremely hard, because I knew no other way. I persevered while living in my car with my favorite dog while working at a hardware store for a year after I quit college. At the age of twenty, I finally found my passion while working for Disney, yet this is the first company where I learned the definition of work ethics and in some cases, the lack thereof by other employees. My career blossomed at Disney through the help of mentors, who were also great leaders. I learned to separate myself from the pack in every endeavor I chose.
Work finds exemplary employees.
Mediocre employees find work.

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28th Amendment

The 28th Amendment

“In this epic sequel to The American Nutcracker, political satirist N.O. Slak hits another home run for everyone who is tired of liberals making way too much noise.

Slak takes his audience on a hilarious ride throughout Hollywood, Washington, D.C. and beyond. He rejects the notion that only celebrities have a microphone, and he contends that their knowledge about global warming, or the lack thereof, influences the mindless. In his words, “celebrities and morons are killing this country.”

    Join Slak as he asks obvious questions such as:

  • Why do we accept illegal Mexican maids and fruit pickers but no one else?
  • Why do fat people think they have rights?
  • Why do companies promote Holiday Parties but have Christmas trees?

Slak also examines why racial slurs – and Al Sharpton and others of his ilk – always gain so much press coverage. Explore an array of other hot-button topics, such as corporate greed and what motivates environmentalists and animal rights groups in The 28th Amendment: Who is the Village Idiot?”

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