About Michael Edwards

I’ve had one of the greatest lives, and I’m here to share those experiences through my podcasts, as well as through my books. Whether it’s the fact that I lived in my car for a year, worked for three of the largest entertainment companies in the world, or traveled all over the US, I found humor to be my unbridled passion. It’s what makes me tick. My wife, who I adore more than life itself, is the only person, who continues to keep me grounded and sane in an insane world.

I’ve authored three books under NO SLAK, which is my pseudonym for political satires and general humorous books. My first fiction, a romantic comedy titled, Mr. Always Right, Until Along Came a Woman, is written under Michael Edwards.

I have no idea where this crazy world is headed, but I’m glad I’m aboard for the laughs. Welcome to my world…..

Michael Edwards