It’s A Crazy World…

I’m living the dream, just like anyone else could. I never made the smartest choices in life, but I didn’t make any that prevented me from doing whatever I wanted to do. Life is too short as it is, so do whatever it is that turns you on, but don’t be mean spirited. I’m the umbrella to life’s beach chair. After all, isn’t life all about how good you look at the beach?

NO Slak

is my pseudonym for political satire and general humor books, but he’s also my alter-ego. He’s a character that doesn’t give anyone, or anything, any slack. He’s an –in-your-face type of character. He’s been called brash, rude, hurtful, but also called funnier than hell, so you decide. Michael Edwards shows his feelings by writing romantic-comedies, whereas Slak makes fun of celebrity bromances.